Marcia Reveron

Marcia Reveron likes fine arts. She offers the observer, the reader, interpretations that create referents. Certain lines, colors, shapes… have and contain her own distinctive name. Whether in her poems, pieces or paintings.She has a career in sculpture, painting and poetry, with individual and group exhibitions in Venezuela, USA and the United Kingdom. She has also published several poetry books which have been widely acclaimed.
She is studious, observant and detailed oriented. That keeps her away from the noise but not from the world. In reflective mood, in search of inspiration, themes and expression, of artistic fusion.
In the past, the sea was the main theme in her paintings. An authentic blue period of great importance and representation in her work.

Today, the city of London and its people are the great inspiration for a series of naïve and decorative styles with fantastic colours.

Marijosé Pérez-Lezama